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Message from Our Superintendent

December 2017

Dear Altar Valley Families,

Be Kind- 

We are excited to be a Kind district. This year we are participating in the Ben’s Bells Kind Campus Program, a program for schools that serves to educate and inspire students, staff, and faculty to recognize the importance of intentional kindness. Research confirms that being kind toward others has powerful effects on individuals' mental health and quality of life. This letter provides additional information about the program, and shows you how your family can continue practicing kindness at home. 

How does Kind Campus work? Kind Campus is a based on the belief that everyone has the capacity to be kind and that being kind is a skill that we can teach and practice. Kind Campus strives to create a culture of kindness in schools where everyone learns what it means to be kind and how to practice kindness. Each month focuses on a different theme with relevant discussion, activities, and practice for students, staff, and faculty to engage in together. Having a kind and supportive school environment sets the stage for academic learning. 

How can we incorporate Kind Campus activities at home? The goal of Kind Campus is to encourage students, staff, and faculty to incorporate kindness into their lives at school, home, and in their community. Engaging your child on this topic is easy and does not require any special training! Ask your child what they have been learning about kindness in school. Discuss situations your family members experience where someone was kind to them or a time when it was hard to be kind. Engage in activities that promote kindness in your community, like volunteering your time together as a family. 

Where can I learn more about the Ben's Bells Project? For more information, please talk to your child’s teacher or visit the Ben's Bells website.  


    Dr. David Dumon

    Dr. David Dumon
    Altar Valley School District