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Altar Valley All-Stars

We value each of our students and staff in the Altar Valley School District. These All-Stars, who work tirelessly to benefit our AVSD community, deserve our praise and gratitude.

Robles Elementary Staff

Nibsa Esquer

Nibsa Esquer

We're excited to recognize Nibsa as this month's Staff of the Month at Robles Elementary. Nibsa's unwavering commitment, positive outlook, and dedication to our students' achievements truly make her stand out.

Nibsa's readiness to step in and lead a 4th-grade class demonstrates her commitment and proactive approach to ensuring our students receive top-notch education. Not only does she effectively manage the classroom, but she also fosters a safe learning environment where every student can flourish.

One of Nibsa's exceptional qualities is her focus on instilling the character traits of ROAR (Responsible, Open-Minded, Accountable, Respectful) in her students. By emphasizing these values, she not only promotes academic excellence but also nurtures the overall development of our students, preparing them for success in all aspects of life.

Moreover, Nibsa has taken on leadership roles within the 4th grade, showcasing her innate ability to inspire and support her colleagues. Her passion for assisting our students shines through in everything she does, from creating engaging lessons to providing personalized attention to those in need.

Robles Elementary Students

Maci M., 2nd Grade

Maci M.

Congratulations to Maci Morris for earning the title of Student of the Month! We're thrilled to recognize her for bringing positivity and helpfulness to our classroom. Maci truly embodies the values of being respectful, open-minded, accountable, and responsible, or R.O.A.R, as we call it here at Robles. Her actions contribute greatly to creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Maci is always eager to learn and grow in class, both for herself and her peers. She approaches each day with determination and a smile on her face. Maci is quick to offer encouragement to her classmates when they're feeling down and helps them find their way back on track.

Keep up the fantastic work, Maci! You're a shining example of what it means to be a great Bobcat at Robles Elementary.

Altar Valley Middle School Staff

Gloria Vasquez

Gloria Vasquez

We're thrilled to have Gloria back in our district. She's so caring towards our kids and staff. Gloria is always sharing her supplies and expertise generously. Just like her cakes, her smile is a real treat. She's a true blessing to our community, and her wisdom helps things run smoothly. Talking to her feels like therapy because you learn so much. Gloria truly deserves this recognition for being amazing.

Camille's work with the PBIS Swoop's Store is particularly noteworthy. She's done an excellent job organizing everything, from creating schedules to managing student rewards for lunch from Nico's Taco Shop. She's always looking for ways to make things better and more efficient!

Altar Valley Middle School Students

Salvador H., 7th Grade

Salvador H.

Salvador is a bright student who understands the importance of owning up to his mistakes and apologizing when necessary. His willingness to take responsibility and show humility sets him apart. This is a crucial skill that not many of his peers possess.

Additionally, Salvador is known for his friendly nature and willingness to assist others. He often steps in to resolve conflicts, demonstrating leadership and empathy.

Salvador has really excelled this year by taking on a leadership role in the 7th Grade presentation during the School Board meeting. His initiative and confidence were evident throughout the process. Despite any challenges or mistakes, Salvador consistently shows accountability by acknowledging areas for improvement. Not only does he recognize them, but he actively works to learn from them and get better. It's truly admirable to see such maturity and dedication to personal growth.