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Riding a bus to and from school in Altar Valley School district is a privilege not to be taken lightly. All students must understand and observe good conduct, courtesy, cooperation, and respect for the authority of the bus driver.

Before the Bus Arrives

  1. Arrive at your bus stop five minutes before pick-up time.
  2. Be ready to board the bus before it arrives. (Be out of vehicle.)
  3. Wait for the bus a safe distance from the edge of the road.
  4. Stay off private property.

Boarding the Bus

  1. Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop.
  2. Be polite (No pushing/shoving) and wait your turn getting on the bus.
  3. Use handrail.

Conduct on the Bus

  1. Follow directions of the bus driver.
  2. Walk to your assigned seat and keep the aisle clear.
  3. Do not stand or move around while the bus is moving.
  4. Talk quietly so the driver can hear traffic noises.
  5. Keep hands and head inside the bus.
  6. Do not stick or throw anything out the window.
  7. No horseplay or foul language.
  8. All sporting equipment needs to be in a backpack or held in lap.
  9. No spraying of perfume or cologne.
  10. Use earbuds or headphones for electronic devices.
  11. No taking of pictures or videos.
  12. No eating.
  13. All drinks must be in spill-proof bottles.
  14. Large projects need to be picked up by a parent or guardian.
  15. Boys on one side, girls on the other side.

Leaving the Bus

  1. Do not leave your seat until the bus comes to a full stop.
  2. Take turns, don’t crowd others.
  3. Use the handrail.
  4. Always cross in front of the bus.
  5. Pre-K and Kindergarten: Parents must come to the bus door.