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There's a lot going on in Altar Valley. Our District News page will give you a taste of why we are so proud of our students, our teachers, and our community.

The Three Points Fire District is Hosting Annual Santa Shop

The Three Points Fire District is hosting its annual Santa Shop at 10351 S. Sasabe Highway. The firefighters' goal is to help anyone in the community with needs at Christmas time. If you know anyone that needs any help have them call (520) 822-1086 extension 0, and they will obtain the necessary information. This program is for community members only, please. Thank you Local 4871 firefighters!

Congratulations, Dr. Dumon!

Congratulations to Dr. David Dumon for being selected to receive ASA’s All Arizona Superintendent Award for the Small Size School Districts.

Dr. Dumon is superintendent of the Altar Valley School District in Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Dumon and the Governing Board have developed a strong rapport that centers on common goals around students achievement and an understanding that the schools are social and cultural anchors in the small community of Three Points. Within the first year, he and his board created a strategic plan that focused on students achieving both personal and academic excellence. The strategic plan has guided the district toward their goals and is revisited frequently with stakeholders.

Dr. Dumon identified, adopted, and implemented a comprehensive core reading program during the beginning of his tenure. He led the restructuring of the K–8 literacy instruction to include rigorous Tier I instruction and targeted Tier II and Tier III interventions.

He is involved with professional development, instructional coaching, and implementation of DIBELS benchmark screening for teachers and administrators. He believes data should be used to guide teaching, learning, and professional development.

The district is a key partner in the annual Three Points Community Festival where Dr. Dumon serves on the planning committee. At this annual event, the Three Points community, a rural, unincorporated area 25 miles west of Tucson come together. Board members, staff, and community partners come together each Thanksgiving to cook, serve, and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner for families in need. During the pandemic Altar Valley School District partnered with Pima County and provided fresh food boxes to more than 30 families each month.

He is guided by the word of Lewis Carroll, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Dr. Dumon cares deeply about teaching and learning. He appreciates school isn’t easy for everyone (him included) and that each child has a right to quality instruction. He visits classrooms, playgrounds, and attends extra-curricular events and enjoys taking on the role of motivator-in-chief. You may see him as Professor “Dumon”-dore from Harry Potter, reminding Altar Valley School District students that they have the magic within them to succeed, the Last Jedi inspiring students to find the force within themselves to achieve, or putting the “Super” in Superintendent as Altar Valley Man.

Altar Valley School District is a social and cultural anchor in the Three Points community. It serves nearly 600 students, encompassing nearly 700 square miles of high Sonoran Desert and mountains situated between metro Tucson and the Tohono O’odham Nation.

AVMS Art Club

AVMS Art Club, led by Mr. Sapul, made its debut at the fourteenth Three Points Community Festival held at Robles Elementary School. Art Club students showcased their different artworks such as geometric acrylic on canvases, abstract paintings, and three-dimensional drawings in the said event.

In addition, art students volunteered to give free face painting to the community with the assistance of Miss Montierth, Miss Matyjasik, Mrs. Nicholas, and Mr. Sapul. They offered different designs for the community to choose from such as unicorn, flower, fire, cactus, rainbow, butterfly, snake, Spiderman, and Halloween-themed designs like spider web and pumpkin. They had so much fun face painting and painted over 400 faces!

For the first two months of this school year, Art Club focused on the elements of art and different shading and painting techniques. Moving forward, the club will be doing digital art starting in the second semester.