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What's New

There's a lot going on in Altar Valley. Our District News page will give you a taste of why we are so proud of our students, our teachers, and our community.

Altar Valley School District All-Stars

Congratulations to our November students of the month and employees of the month!

Altar Valley Middle School

  • Student of the Month - Kailey B., 6th Grade
  • Employee of the Month - Dustie Gunn-Ader, Special Education Teacher

Robles Elementary

  • Student of the Month - Jaida W., 4th Grade
  • Megan Shovan, 2nd Grade Teacher

We are honored to have you represent Altar Valley! 

M&O Override Passes

Thank you to the Altar Valley Community for voting yes and passing the M&O Override! The override provides free full day kindergarten, small class sizes, free athletics, and competitive salaries.

Make Your Tax Credit Count

Contribute to Altar Valley School District extracurricular activities. Your contribution will benefit you and our students!

  • Receive dollar-for-dollar tax reductions on state tax return.
  • You can claim up to $400/married or $200/single.
  • Help support our athletics programs and fieldtrips such as our fourth grade Mt. Lemmon trip, sixth grade Disney trip, and eighth grade Washington DC trip.
  • Family, friends, community members, and co-workers can help, too!

Thank you for your continued support! Please visit our Tax Credit page to learn more.