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There's a lot going on in Altar Valley. Our District News page will give you a taste of why we are so proud of our students, our teachers, and our community.

March All-Stars of the Month

Another month has come and gone, and we are celebrating students and staff that SOAR.

All-Star Students of the Month

Kindergartener All-Star Kloe M.

Kloe M., kindergartener, has surpassed Robles Bobcats expectations! Kloe comes into class willing to learn and ready to learn! She treats classmates, teachers, and all staff with respect, and embraces responsibility with her schoolwork, her personal goals, and her homework! Kloe strives for success and works to their best ability. We absolutely love having Kloe at our school—she always brings a smile to your face with a good morning greeting! Her future is bright, and she truly knows what it means to ROAR with pride!

Bailey M. 7th Grader All-Star

AVMS’s March All-Star Student of the Month goes to Bailey McArdle, seventh grader. She is a student who shows great compassion towards her work and relationships, inside and outside the classroom. She advocates for herself and others with attentive ears and a voice of reason. Her growth has been substantial this year, which makes sense because she’s driven and strives for success. 

Bailey McArdle has all these great qualities and more that help make AVMS SOAR to excellence. We see you and appreciate you, Bailey! 

All-Star Staff of the Month

Doug and Tamah Bryant 5th Grade Teachers All-Stars

Doug and Tamah Bryant are the Robles' fifth grade team—the best fifth grade team! Tamah has been a trusted and loved guest teacher for the district for many years now. She always comes in with a smile on her face and a song in her heart. This year, she found that fifth grade students love to sing with her to learn the parts of speech, historical facts, and so much more. She cares deeply about their success and puts in the hard work with them every day. Then she helped bring her husband Doug Bryant to our campus. Doug started with us after fall break, when we were in need of a fifth grade science and math teacher. He has worked hard to learn all the new curriculum and to teach the students and get them the skills they need. Taking over a class is never easy, but Doug has made it look easy. He sets a positive example for the students and sets high expectations for them to meet.

These two amazing people, parents, and community members are great teachers for Robles and continue to push their students to success. It is for these reasons and so many more that they are Robles All-Star Teachers of the Month!

Bridget Sankey PE Teacher All-Star

Have you ever seen a dynamic physical education teacher who functions as a student council advisor, a discipline officer, an athletic director, and a coach, all at the same time? These are but a few of the multiple roles Ms. Bridget Sankey has taken on in the years she has been in Altar Valley Middle School. It is always a go for Ms. Sankey, and the way she does her job and all that is required of her is nothing short of stellar. 

She not only equips her students to develop physically, but assists them in maintaining the SOAR attitude through the way she communicates and relates to the students, teachers, parents and staff in this school. She takes pride in her athletes and celebrates their efforts and accomplishments. She is a strategist and offers valuable ideas that help move the school forward.

Family Fun Night

At AVSD, we build, grow, flourish, and succeed! Join us for Family Fun Night on April 19 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. at Altar Valley Middle School. Enjoy tons of fun and activities, like learning sign language, watching performances, and participating in arts and crafts, outdoor games, and educational activities. Check out the bookmobile, or learn more about the summer basketball camp or the STEM camp.The first 150 will be able to enjoy a free pizza dinner, including a salad and refreshing beverage.

Don't forget to turn in your passports! Fill your passport with seven station stickers in order to be entered into a drawing!

Altar Valley All-Star Partner: Patzi Hughes at Serenity Baptist Church
Patzi holding award next to two men

The Altar Valley School District would like to celebrate Patzi Hughes and the Serenity Baptist Church for all that they do to support the Altar Valley School District and the community.

Patzi is the driving force behind so many wonderful events that happen in Three points. She is the glue in coordinating our Three Points Thanksgiving Dinner each year and a leader in the planning of the Three Points / Robles Junction Community festival. During the community festival, you will see her taking reservations for the upcoming Community Thanksgiving.

Patzi has been a wonderful resource in our community and is a great supporter of families in need. Not only does she coordinate food box distributions at the church, but she has arranged for boxes to be picked up and delivered for families who were unable to make it there themselves. Also, she has helped in finding resources for housing, utility assistance, and other county programs. She has been instrumental in connecting us to people who run our community food bank and My Friends Closet thrift store, which has allowed us to refer families needing clothing or extra food. Patzi has organized church volunteers to help with home repairs as well. She has a wealth of knowledge that she has openly shared with us over the years, which has helped so many of our families. We are truly grateful to have such a caring person to collaborate with.

Thank you, Patzi and Serenity Baptist, for not only your support to Altar Valley School District but to the entire community.

Patzi Hughes, you are an Altar Valley All-Star!


The Altar Valley School District utilizes Synergy for the management of student information. ParentVUE is a web and mobile portal feature of this program that allows parents to access to their child's school information.

In the ParentVUE web and mobile portals, parents can gather near real‐time information for all the siblings, regardless of the grade level or school of attendance during a single sign-on. Communication tools are easy to access to help promote contact between the parent and teacher that is necessary for student success. Some of the additional features in ParentVUE include allowing parents to view the school district calendar, attendance, grades and daily assignments, class schedules, and report cards.

Contact your child's school for access or if you have any questions on how to get started.